This information is to provide Member Associations general information about FIFA Connect.

Internet Browser Navigation and Usage

Refrain from using the internet browser navigation functions (back and forward) to move around FIFA Connect.

Keep you internet browser up to date.

If you wish to access more than one organisation simultaneously (MA/RA/Clubs), we advise that you log in at each level on a different browser.

MA Contact Email

It's advisable that you amend the Contact Email of the MA to an MA email address, and turn on Email Notifications. This is recommended so ITC Requests email notifications can be received.

Email Notifications

Excluding the MA Contact email above that received the ITC Request Email Notifications, all other Email notifications are based on Admin Roles, and are not able to be disabled.

The best option for users that don’t want to receive email notifications is to create an Email Rule that filters all emails from, to be sent to an email folder. During peak periods if the Admin Users are logging in frequently this is fine. But during non peak periods when the Admin Users are not logging in frequently, it’s recommended that the email filters be disabled, to avoid lengthy delays in actioning any Work Tasks.


If you're getting an error message when you run a report, it generally means the report is trying to pull out too much data.

If you're trying to run a report that is too large you have a couple of options:
  1. Try to reduce the size of the report by selecting fewer fields, or by breaking the report up into multiple smaller reports (e.g. run it for each region, or people born within certain age ranges); or,
  2. Let us know what data you need (i.e. which fields, what filters) and we can schedule for our tech staff to export it for you - we just need advanced notice of this.