This information is to guide Member Associations to create a NEW ticket for the attention of the FCP Support Team.

Follow these steps to notify FCP Support Team of any feedback or questions you may have.


1) Create Ticket

To create a new ticket click ‘New’ on the top right corner of the screen and select "Ticket"


2) Add Requester

The Requester would be yourself, so type in your email address

3) Add Subject

Subject would be the issue ‘e.g. Document Missing for Professional Player’

4) Status

Make sure the Status = Open

5) Priority 

When assigning ticket to FCP Support Team, selecting Priority is not mandatory, however if you are to make a selection, please follow this guide.

Priority LevelDescriptionExamples
LowSmall service degradation (business process can continue, few user affected)
MediumLimited degradation of service (limited number of users or functions affected, business process can continue)

  • Issue is visible to the end user and operations are affected
  • Usability issue, which can be corrected with a reasonable workaround
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but is not affecting other functionality
HighSignificant degradation of service (large number of users or business critical functions affected)
  • Production site has been impacted; however, limited production can continue
  • Usability issue, which cannot be corrected with a workaround or the workaround significantly impairs their ability to complete their work
  • A non-critical functionality is unable to complete but affecting other functionality
UrgentService not available (all users and functions unavailable)
  • Production site is down and unable to recover
  • Loss/corruption of data has occurred
  • Data is unavailable to users
  • Failure of critical function(s) prevents production transactions from completing
  • Security is compromised
  • An action results in a system crash and the user is unable to continue

The Support Team will always strive to answer and respond to all tickets in a timely manner, so Member Associations can expect no change in response time's when using the correct priority level.

6) Select Group

Most important is to mark the Group as ‘FCP Support Team’, this will notify all the members of the FCP Support Team of your ticket.

If you do not select 'FCP Support Team', the FCP Support Team will not be notified.

When creating a new Ticket, there is no need to assign an Agent.

7) Description

Add a description 

  • Please clearly explain the issue identified
  • Please provide detailed steps so the FCP Support Team can replicate the issue before submitted to the FCP Development Team
  • Be sure to include the level logged in at when issues was identified (Club or RA or MA Level)
  • Do not log all bugs in one long email, it is easier to break down issues in separate emails
  • Where helpful, please include screen shots within the email
  • When detailed information is provided, it will assist the FCP Support Team to resolve the issues you submit
  • The FCP Support Team may at times ask for more information to assist in resolving the issue, all communication will be through Freshdesk.


8) Attachments

Add any attachments if applicable. Click on the pin on bottom left corner of Description tab.

9) Save

Click on 'Submit' button on top right corner of the screen.