Self Registration (Transfers)


This user guide will explain how to initiate a transfer of an Amatuer player through self registration Football Association of Finland


This user information is for amatuer players that are have previously registered with Football Association of Finland, and you have already linked your Self Registration Account to your previous registration record or created a new account for this season as a first time amatuer player.


To access Pelipaikka click on the link below 


1. Add your Email and Password, then click 'Sign in'






2. Your dashboard will appear. If the transfer period is open the Transfer buttons will appear. Click 'Transfer'







Upon clicking 'Transfer', the 'Start Transfer' screen will then show.





3. Start Transfer


The system will automatically detect certain information about your registration. To continue select the following

  1. The Club you wish to Transfer To (Drop down list will appear)
  2. Request Notes - Reason for the Transfer


Once completed then click on Submit 


4. Confirmation of Transfer Request


Upon selecting 'Submit' the following confirmation message will appear

5. Transfer Request (sent to current Club)

The Club that the player currently belongs to will receive notification of the transfer request where they are required to accept or reject the request.

Once the player has had their transfer request accepted, the Club where the player wishes to join will then receive notification of the transfer.

6. New Club completes Registration

The Club that the player wishes to join can now complete the registration of the player.