Self Registration (Existing Referees)


This user guide will explain how to self register as a referee or Amatuer Player with Football Association of Finland

This user information if for referees and amatuer players that are have previously registered with Football Association of Finland, and you have already linked your Self Registration Account to your previous registration record.


To access Pelipaikka click on the link below 


1. Add your Email and Password, then click 'Sign in'






2. Your dashboard will appear. If the renewal period is open the Renew buttons will appear. Click 'Renew'







Upon clicking 'Renew', the registration flow will move onto the Registration Step.





3. Registration


The system will automatically detect certain information about your registration. Click 'Continue'.




4. Certifications

On the Certification Step, select one of the following


  • District Certification: If registering as a Referee to the Distirct
  • Association Certification: If registering as a Referee to the National Body


5. Required Documents (only if person is Non Finnish)




  • Documents can be uploaded by clicking on 'Click here to upload file' this will open up folder for you to select the necessary file to upload
  • Documents can also be uploaded by clicking and dragging the file to the necessary document
  • the system will determine which documents need to be uploaded by virtue of information you have previously entered, for example, because this player is a minor, you must provide a signed parental consent form


Maximum file size is 25 megabytes: 

JPG, JPEG, PDF, and PNG are recommended file types





Documents successfully uploaded will display a tick next to their file name





Required Documents are compulsory and must be uploaded. You may need to upload optional documents.





Registration will not proceed until all documents are uploaded



Any previously uploaded documents will appear as follows






6. Licence and Payment Options


The system will automatically determine the relevant license for the player you are registering. The fee for this license will be applied.




For Payment Options, You must select Pay Now and make a payment online. 

If you select Pay Later or your payment is unsuccessful you must contact FAF and arrange payment. Your registration will not be approved until payment is completed.



7. Summary


The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered are correct before submitting your registration, please ensure you check all the information.




If you need to change any information click on the Edit link



8. Submit Registration


When all information has been checked, click on 'Proceed to Payment and Submit to Club' (if Pay Now was selected previously), or 'Submit to Member Association' where registration will then be complete (Pending Payment before approval).



9. Registration Submitted


Once the registration is complete the Member will be marked as pending and awaiting approval (and pending payment if Pay later was selected)




Click 'Return to your Dashboard'




If your payment is unsuccessful you must contact FAF and arrange payment. Your registration will not be approved until payment is completed.



10. Dashboard


Provided your payment is made, your Registration is pending approval by District/FAF or Club depending on your registration. Your dashboard appears as follows