Pelipaikka Helpful Starter Guide for Clubs


This user guide will help Clubs to get started with Pelipaikka by outlining the key areas of the database and provide some helpful tips to ensure Finland is best prepared for the new season


1. Access to Pelipaikka


If you have not been provided with access to Pelipaikka, then please contact Suomen Palloliitto support staff that will be able to assist you at the following details

  • Email -
  • Phone - +358 9 31585000

2. Support Guides


User guides for every scenario have been documented to assist if you need help on a certain area of the database, for example


  • How to register a Player
  • How to register a Coach
  • How to Request a Domestic Transfer
  • How to Add Role to an existing Member
  • How to View and Approve Registrations
  • How to Self Register

Therefore please ensure all administrators at your Club are aware of these user guides as they will assist as you learn the system.

3. Existing Members


Great efforts have been made to migrate historical member data into each respective Club as best as possible. Therefore you will find in your Clubs database members who had been registered to the Club at some point of time, these can be used to assist in renewing members for the new season, this is explained later in the User Guide. 


It is important to understand that additional data will need to be added for any migrated player that is being renewed as not all data was available for the purposes of the data migration. 


4. Documents

As part of the registration process of players, coaches, Club Officials and Team Officials it is a requirement that certain documents need to be uploaded and submitted as part of the registration. 


Therefore it is important that before you start to register a member, they must have all the required documents for that person, otherwise the registration will either not be able to be submitted or the registration may be placed ‘On Hold’ for resubmission. 

5. Update My Club Details


Make sure you view and update the My Club Details by selecting ‘My Club’ you will then be able to view the Contact and Organisation details. 
Check that all details are correct, to update click on ‘edit’ 




Check all the details and click edit to Update




6. Club Access to Pelipaikka


Clubs require access in order to register their members, for access to be provided, the request needs to be submitted to Finland Support team


Finland Support would require the following information


  • Name of the Club
  • First and Family Name of Club Person
  • Username
  • Password

7. Reports

The Reporting Menu provides you with the ability to run reports on Members that are registered, a good report for the Clubs to run to see what members have been migrated would be as follows 


  • Click on Reports from the Menu
  • Under 'Reports Manager' select 'People'
  • Select 'Advanced people (My Level)' Report
  • Under 'Person Details' select the following fields
    • Identification Number
    • First Name
    • Family Name
    • Date of Birth
  • Under 'Registrations' select the following fields
    • Registration Role
    • Registration Level


Click on 'Run Report' to show the list of members that have been migrated to your level from the historical data provided\


8. Renew an Existing Member from Data Migration

For Members that were found in the above report and are going to be registering to the same Club again in the new season can go through the renewal process.  

  • This is outlined below

8.1 Renew an Existing Member from Data Migration


Type in the Members Name that you wish to renew by entering one of either in the Search Box


  • First and/or Family Name of Member
  • MA ID of the Player

8.2 Select Person to Renew


To initiate renewal, click on 'View' for the Member you wish to renew for the new season to your Club

8.3 Review Member Registration

The next screen gives the Club the ability to review the Members Personal Information, Contact Details and Other Details, these can be edited/replaced as required during this process by clicking on ‘edit’. 





All Documents for Member will be missing at this point

8.4 Upload Required Documents

When a member who has been migrated into the database is being renewed for the first time, all their documents will be missing, therefore the required documents need to be uploaded.




Refer to Renewal User Guide for more Detailed Steps