This user guide will explain how to renew a club's members in bulk for the new season when logged in at Club level.

Bulk Renewals assists the Club in re-registering Members of their Club for the new season in groups, rather than renewing members individually.

Bulk Renewals can be used for any of the following roles:

  • Hobby Players
  • Amateur Players
  • Coaches
  • Team Officials
  • Club Officials

Bulk Renewals should only be used if there are no changes to the members details or documents, and the same license fees apply for the group of member being renewed.

Prior to commencing Bulk Renewals, it may be beneficial to review member information to assist determine what group of members would be renewed in pre determined groups.

1. Select ‘People’

2. Select ‘Bulk Renewals’

3. Role Selection

Select a Role for renewal

To Bulk Renew Coaches:

  • Select Sport
  • Select Age group
  • Click Continue

To Bulk Renew Players:

  • Select Player Role
  • Select Sport
  • Select Level
  • Select Age Group
  • Click Continue

To Bulk Renew Club Officials

  • Select Club Official Role
  • Select Sub Role
  • Select Age group
  • Click Continue

To Bulk Renew Team Officials

  • Select Club Official Role
  • Select Sub Role
  • Select Age group
  • Click Continue

4. Selection Members

Click the tick box of the members that you want to Bulk Renew, then click 'Continue'.

If the renewal period is open (or if members have yet to be renewed in the current season), they will appear on the 'Select People to Renew' list.

If the renewal period is closed (or if members have all been renewed in the current season), the 'Select People to Renew' list will return a results of "Sorry there is no data to return". Click 'Back' to return to Bulk Renewal selection.

5. Confirm License

Select any optional licenses and Payment Option, then click 'Continue'.  payment Options include 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later'.

  • Pay Now: By choosing this option it will then take you to the payment portal where you have a list of options to pay for the registration
  • Pay Later: By choosing this option it will then submit the registration, however an invoice will be created for you to pay later

Within Pelipaikka, although the the full list of mandatory licenses are displayed, the system will select the appropriate license for the individual and be allocated accordingly. This will be visible in the next step on the Summary screen.



Within Pelipaikka it's crucial that you predetermine the members for Bulk Renew to ensure that the same mandatory and optional license fees are applicable. If you are unsure, renewing members individually may be more appropriate than Bulk Renewal.

6. Summary

The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered are correct before submitting the player registration, please ensure you check all the information. If you need to change any information click on the edit link or click ‘Back’ .

7. Submit Registration

When all information has been checked, click Submit to go to Payment portal (if Pay Now was selected previously) or Submit to Member Association where registration will then be complete (Pending Payment before approval).

8. Bulk Renewal Submitted

Once completed you are provided with an option to 'Return to Bulk Renewals'. Alternatively select a menu item.