Player Registration by Club

This user guide will explain how to register a Player to a Club

1. Select People

2. Select 'Add Player'

If a person has already registered as a player within the MA then a transfer would be required

3. Complete Personal Details

All fields marked with an * are a compulsory field and must be completed

Social Security Number (HETU Number) must be entered in correct format if Finnish, registration will not be accepted otherwise

If person is aged between 10-18 and Nationality is not Finnish then the above Minor Protection questions will automatically appear

If person is female the above additional question of Maiden name will automatically appear

Once additional information is completed, click 'Continue'

If all Personal Information details successful then registration flow will move onto Contact Details

5. Contact Details

Complete Contact Details and click 'Continue'

6. Registrations

The system will automatically select some options from the Registrations screen above based on age of player, as described below.

  • Role: Defaults to Player
  • Sport: Choose Football or Futsal
  • Level: Amatuer option available for all Gender/Age
  • Level: Hobby option available for all Gender/Age
  • Level: Amatuer under contract available for male over 16
  • Level: Professional only available for male over 16
  • Age Group Defaults to Minor if Under 18
  • Age Group Defaults to Adult if Over 18
  • Nature of Registration: Defaults to New Registration if new person

Select the Sport and Level and click 'Continue' 

7. Required Documents

  • Documents can be uploaded by clicking on 'Click here to upload file' this will open up folder for you to select the necessary file to upload
  • Documents can also be uploaded by clicking and dragging the file to the necessary document

Maximum file size is 25 megabytes: 

JPG, JPEG, PDF, and PNG are recommended file types

Documents successfully uploaded will display a tick next to their file name

Required Documents are compulsory and must be uploaded

Registration will not proceed if all required documents are not uploaded

8. Licence

The Football Playing Pass is automatically selected, therefore please select the required Insurance you wish to purchase with your registration

9. Payment Options

Upon choosing the licence you then have the option to 'Pay Now' or 'Pay Later' 

  • Pay Now: By choosing this option it will then take you to the payment portal where you have a list of options to pay for the registration
  • Pay Later: By choosing this option it will then submit the registration, however an invoice will be created for you to pay later

The Registration of the Player will not be approved and made active until Payment is made

10. Summary


The Summary screen allows you to check that all details entered are correct before submitting the player registration, please ensure you check all the information

If you need to change any information click on the edit link

Make sure you click the edit link relating to the area you want to change, for example the Contact Details

11. Submit Registration

When all information has been checked, click on Submit to go to Payment portal  (if Pay Now was selected previously) or Submit to Member Association where registration will then be complete (Pending Payment before approval) 


12. Registration Submitted

Once the registration is complete the Member will be marked as pending and awaiting approval (and pending payment if Pay Now was not selected)

Pallo ID is blank until the registration has been paid and approved and made active

Once completed you are provided with three options 

  • Register another Player
  • View all currently submitted registrations
  • Go to your Dashboard

By clicking on 'Register another Player' - it will take you back to Step 3 (in user guide) where you can register another player

By clicking on "View all Currently Submitted Registrations" it will take you to a list of all Pending Registrations for your Club

By clicking on ''Go to your Dashboard" it will take you back to your Task list